What's lurking on your iPhone? November 02 2016, 0 Comments

We read some great articles on how our iPhone and iPads are a breeding ground for bacteria,  and would like to share a little of the info with you.  Caroline Kee at Buzzfeeds article will positively astound you read more ?

Like Caroline says, not all germs are dangerous, but there are some pretty nasty ones that hang around on your iPhone, you get them from general travelling, using ATM's, handling menues, opening doors etc.

'Caroline at Buzzfeed teamed up with Dr. Susan Whittier, Microbiologist at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center in New York City.

Whittier took and transferred the swabs from the iPhone users and put onto agar, a nutrient medium that feeds the germs so they can live in petri dishes. We waited three days so the germs had time to grow and ~thrive~ until they were visible to the naked eye. Then Whittier tested the samples to find out exactly which kinds of bacteria, fungi, and molds were living on each person’s phone.

'Even if you’re an avid hand-washer, your phone can still be picking up germs basically all day long. So try to limit that by keeping it out of the bathroom (where gross stuff like Norovirus lurks), and don’t use it while you’re eating, since that can transmit bacteria and viruses to your mouth and get you sick. “We aren’t trying to be sterile or paranoid — there’s just no reason not to try to reduce your risk and exposure to pathogens,” says Whittier.'

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