Coronavirus: Be Safe. How to Clean and Disinfect Your iPhone or iPad. May 20 2021, 0 Comments

We’re seeing second and third wave of the virus and new more deadly and transmissible variants like UK Kent, South African and the Indian strain evolving.

So you need to keep washing hands and social distancing is great but what if you caught Covid-19 from being on your phone or tablet?

We’ve all heard that Corona and other nasty bacteria and germs can live on your screens for days.

Can you think of a higher touch surface than your phone?

What if the Corona from your phone or tablet ended up making you sick at home, in hospital, on a ventilator machine or worse? Much worse!

Or, the thought of you passing the virus on after being infected by your phone or tablet to another family member.

That’s the real risk that you’re facing using your mobile devices.

You have the power to do something now, because Coronavirus is something we need to live with for the foreseeable future.

Do you want to help eliminate this risk?

We’ve made the perfect answer for you.

The perfect solution.

And it’s completely different from anything that is available or you’ve tried before.

Imagine keeping your phone in a bottle of disinfecting hand gel.

Our unique cases produce this same result from the second your phone is in the case. They kill 99.99% of viruses, including corona*, bacteria and other nasty little microbes! Just think how safe (and germ free) your phone would be.

I know this may sound absurd – most people do too.

But it’s true.

We have the scientific data and controlled laboratory results to prove it.

Our methods and claims are approved by the USA FDA and EPA legislative bodies and backed up by independent laboratory testing in the U.K.

Our Coronavirus effectiveness testing was independently carried out to BS ISO 21702:2019 standard.

The reason our cases work so well is the additive that we infuse in the lining of our cases. It damages the S protein surrounding the crown-like structure that corona viruses use to attach to the host cell.

The case disrupts the cells membrane, creates oxidative damage and interferes with the DNA inside the cell therefore inactivating the virus and bacteria so that they can’t reproduce and then die.

A mouthful, I know.

But our technology is proven to work, killing 99.99% of viruses and bacteria and providing lasting protection.

I know that you may have tried other products or cleaning methods before.

But our cases are different. Very different.

Because, first and foremost, with our “disinfecting on the go cases” you don’t need to carry around wipes, cloths or chemicals nor worry about having a cleaning discipline or schedule to benefit from having a virus, germ free device.

Second, you don’t need to do anything different just use your phone or tablet like you always have, nothing to remember, no need to repeat any cleaning routine, the case does it all.

And, thirdly, because there’s no dilution, the germ killing effectiveness of our cases work at full strength, for every minute, every day, forever.

You may ask about sanitising wet wipes?

Well these just won’t cut it, they only work if you spend 4 minutes cleaning your device – who has time for that? Oh, and once wiped your phone or tablet it’s then immediately exposed to being infested with corona or harmful bacteria again.

Maybe you’ve thought about one of those electrical UV boxes that disinfect your phone overnight? How’s that going to protect when using your phone or tablet throughout the day. How useful is it having a disinfected phone only when you’re asleep? “D’oh!”

Not only are you going to feel safe and secure using one of our cases, you’ll love the look, touch and feel of the case that’s made from the highest quality USA leather with a 5-year warranty or one of our eco non-leather cases.

Your friends will be so jealous when they see your new case and be absolutely blown away and think you’re so smart when you tell them that it kills 99.99% of corona, bacteria and other nasties.

In these difficult times we know how important protection is, so, what do you say – will you take this small step to protect?

I know you’d expect to pay a small fortune for a case that does all this but prices start from as little as $30.

Our cases really can change your life.

We’re so confident that they’ll work for you that if you’re not 100% happy you just ship it back for a quibble free refund.

*SARS-CoV-2 the virus that causes the disease Covid-19 has been categorised as a level 3+ pathogen and is therefore not available for public commercial testing at this time. Our Coronavirus testing and proven ability to inactivate it was carried out using Coronavirus Munich that’s a surrogate virus from the same family as Covid-19 and shares the same “crown-like” structure.
Given the structural similarities between CoVid-19 and Coronavirus Munich we would expect our cases to be effective against the new strain.

Using our cases is not be a substitute for good hygiene practises or following government guidelines during the pandemic.