Coronavirus: How To Clean Your Phone Or Tablet Properly October 07 2020, 0 Comments

Coronavirus : How to clean your phone or tablet properly.

A bucket of bleach or disinfectant doesn’t sound very practical and heaven help your phone if you dipped it in!!!

Sanitiser wipes would maybe be an option, buts it’s real pain following a daily cleaning regime, and once the phone or pad drys the protection reduces so needs repeating every 4 hours.

And who’s got time for that?

We believe our antiviral iPhone and iPad cases are the perfect solution.

We’re world leaders in antimicrobial and antiviral technology for iPhones and iPads cases since 2014.

After this terrible pandemic arrived we had our cases tested and proven to inactivate Coronavirus family strains to BS ISO 21702:2019 standard.

With our cases there’s no cleaning regime, just use your phone or pad like you always did.

No liquids to dry out, so the cases work at 100% full strength every minute, every day, forever.

Our cases protect both the front and rear of the iPhone or iPad from drops, bangs and dinks in bags or pockets.

And boy have we patented them!

Beautifully handcrafted in slim designs that don’t add any bulk either.

Many of our customers are using their third, fourth and even fifth case because we make beautifully elegant case that happen to have health protection too!

And during these uncertain Coronavirus times a NueVue case is the no brainer, hassle free must have iPhone or iPad accessory to help protect against illness or death by this terrible disease.

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