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The simple question we ask that is the foundation of the NueVue Cases brand February 07 2021, 0 Comments

I’d shout for my dad and call him out and say I was finished. He’d come out and say “Son, are you proud of your work?” I’d always send him away and call him back sometime later and he’d ask the same question. This time I’d answer “Yes, please can I have my pocket money?”. It’s a lesson I’ve never forgotten. So when we we’re creating our NueVue Cases for...


Coronavirus: How to Clean and Disinfect Your iPhone or iPad. May 25 2020, 25 Comments

Washing hands and social distancing is great but what if you caught Covid-19 from being on your phone or tablet?We’ve all heard that Corona and other nasty bacteria and germs can live on your screens for days. Can you think of a higher touch surface than your phone?What if the Corona from your phone or tablet ended up making you sick at home, in hospital, on a ventilator machine or...