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Welcome to NueVue

Our business is to make beautifully designed, handcrafted cases to protect your device from knocks and bangs of everyday life.

We love technology but hate dirt and greasy fingerprints that look horrible, strain your eyes and make the screen difficult to read, and harmful bacteria and viruses that can make us ill so we developed a unique microfiber lining for our cases.

This special lining cleans those dirty screens, and uses premium antimicrobial technology to provide life-long protection against bacteria, viruses and all those other nasty microbes!

Nuevue Mobile Phone Cases



Our Unique Lining

Not just a pretty face, our cases contains an innovative microfibre lining that keeps your Phone or Tablet snug, whilst also eliminating bacteria and viruses from your device in seconds.

No need for wipes - the lining also wipes away unsightly marks that can cause eyestrain, fatigue, and headaches with every swipe.

Eliminating bacteria and viruses from the device surface helps to prevent the spread of illness, blemish-causing dirt and scratches on your screen.

An anti-static effect within the microfiber also averts electrical charges that can cause damage to your iPhone without you knowing.

Bacteria Makes Us Sick

We can pick up germs, bacteria and viruses everywhere, especially Corona, and these can live on surfaces for 72 hours. We wash our hands regularly, but every time we use our devices it collects any germs and viruses we've come into contact with.

This means when we use our phone or tablet and then do anything – from touching our eyes and mouths to everyday items at home or in the office – we're in a constant cycle of transferring germs and viruses.

We can always wash our hands more, but we can't wash our devices; that's why our cases are infused with the latest antiviral and antibacterial technology proven to eliminate harmful germs and effective in deactivating multi-Coronavirus strains.

Helping to break the continuous transfer of infection and keep us safe, protected with technology that works every time we use our devices.



Dirty Screens Cause Eyestrain

Research has proven that dirty greasy screens cause eyestrain, blurry vision, red tired eyes and headaches. Nearly 70% of adults experience digital eyestrain.

All it takes with our unique microfibre blended lining, is one easy slide, to clean the screen every time you slide the device in and out of the case.

NueVue is a lot more effective than rubbing your phone on a sleeve or carrying a cloth, and it avoids scratches or damaging Apple’s Oleophobic screen coating. Also, a dirty screen is just plain ugly!

Source: American Optometric Association


NueVue combines fashion, functionality and antimicrobial protection in cases for smartphones and tablets. Our unique combination of the world's most advanced antimicrobial technology and microfibers, delivered a first in the industry: a case that cleans the screen and eliminates bacteria and viruses - with one easy motion — every time you remove the device.

With Apple iPhone and iPad being an essential part of everyday life, NueVue provides users with clear advantages: Apple devices that are sanitized, cleaner, easier to read, and safer to use - and that last longer.



NueVue founder Derek Batey is a successful inventor and high-tech entrepreneur based in the U.K. While in a London Apple store, he saw an Apple team member wipe a device with a cloth to show the true potential of the retina display. He asked himself two simple questions, “Why is it such a hassle to maintain a clean iPhone screen? Why couldn’t a case do more than just hold the device — like clean and protect it?”

Derek Batey

Since Derek couldn’t find a product on the market that could do that, he decided to create one himself. After extensive research, he discovered a unique blend of microfibers that would not only clean the screen but kill germs and viruses as well. Then he and his team conducted thorough testing to ensure the highest standards of quality and anti-microbial protection. The result: a line of cases with a clear advantage.




NueVue are constantly developing new and exciting products to add to our existing line of protective cases.

With NueVue, the choice has never been clearer.