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iPhone 6 / 6s Plus Sleeve & Wallet Case With Screen Cleaning and Viewing Window.

About Our Quality iPhone 6 / 6s Plus Pouches and Sleeves :-

Our business is to make beautiful quality elegant handcrafted iPhone and iPad cases, nothing bulky or ugly, to protect your device from the knocks and bangs of everyday life.

We love technology, but hate dirt and greasy fingerprints that strain your eyes and make the screen difficult to read, so we developed a unique microfiber lining for our cases that cleans, and has embedded premium anti-microbial technology to provide life-long protection against bacteria.

The same leading technology used in top hospitals all around the world – keeping us safe, protected and healthy.

Because only the best will do all our cases are handcrafted from the finest quality materials of USA Top Grain leather which comes with a 5 year warranty or soft feel Vegan approved Peta grained Faux Leather combined with our trademark exposed contrast stitching using marine grade thread.

So whether you're after a quality, handcrafted case or you want to banish those nasty germs or you hate a dirty screen… a NueVue case will provide the solution to all your needs.

  • PROTECTION & STYLE. These beautiful iPhone 6 Plus sleeve pouch design cases are made from luxury American quality leather or Vegan Faux leather to protect your phone from knocks and bangs and to snugly hold your iPhone all day long. Optional Viewing Widow for busy bees to check notifications and messages. Or a card wallet slot to store important cards, making life just that little easier.
  • HYGIENIC & STYLISH. Embedded Biocote Antimicrobial Technology destroys harmful bacteria that cause sore throats, red-eyes, stomach upsets, and jawline spots; in seconds.
  • HEALTHY & CLEAN. Our innovative microfiber lining wipes away unsightly dirt and finger-marks that cause eye-strain, fatigue and headaches with every swipe.

  • HANDCRAFTED & FASHIONABLE. Quality Materials, stylish colours, beautiful handcrafted and with quality exposed stitching in cool contrasting colours.

  • SAFETY & SPEED. Our cases provides more Protection than a Snap-on and Faster access than a Flip case and the antistatic microfiber lining averts electrical charges that can cause damage to your iPhone without you knowing it.

Press Coverage :-

"The missing case for iPhones has been born!!!"Belgium-iPhone
"Better than the Apple Cases" - actualidadiphone
"The one thing that I absolutely need in my life" - Yahoo!
"Stop those jawline spots fast with NueVue" - Daily Mail - Beauty Editor
"A case that keeps your iPhone Sparkling" - keepdreaming
"I'm in love with my new iPhone Case" - Lily-Ann Bond
"The Beauty and the Dirt" - Cosmopolitan


As Featured In

As Featured In