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Orange Faux Leather Built-in Screen Cleaning Technology iPhone 7 pouch case.

Who knew Faux Leather could feel so good? This luxury Faux-Leather iPhone 7 sleeve cover case, in a hot Flame Orange shade, is the perfect luxury gift for the Apple lover in your life, which protects your iPhone from the bumps and scrapes of everyday life. With quality, exposed stitching in a cool contrast color and shock resistance lining this case is stylish and durable, looking after your device all day long. Cleverly devised to look after your iPhone, this case also features an ejection slot to allow quick access to your phone, for all of those busy-bees out there: making this case faster than a Flip Case, with more safety than a Snap-on Case!  Not just a pretty face, this case contains an innovative microfiber lining in a cool contrasting color, that keeps your device snug, whilst also eliminating 99.9% of surface bacteria from your device. No need for wipes - the lining also wipes away unsightly marks that can cause eye-strain, fatigue and headaches with every swipe – genius! Eliminating bacteria from the device surface helps to make your screen family-friendly – preventing the spread of illness, blemish-causing dirt and scratches on your screen! An anti-static effect within the microfiber also averts electrical charges that can cause damage to your iPhone without you knowing.  

Fully approved by The Vegetarian Society and Vegan Approved by PETA.

COLOUR: Flame orange with green interior and Cafe Noir stitching.



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