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3 Ways to make the world a cleaner place - Vegan Approved Smartphone and Tablet Sanitizing Cases. April 24 2019, 0 Comments

#GoVegan for the Planet,                           the Animals           and for your Health.....why wouldn't you..... We've got these all covered here at    For the Planet We chose to make our Vegan Approved iPhone and iPad cases from PU (polyurethane) and not PVC (polyvinyl-chloride) because PU is much less harmful to the environment, our cotton twill and...


How to clean an iPhone screen without damaging it? December 07 2018, 0 Comments

We created our range of Nuevue Cases to do exactly this, and our unique microfiber lining keeps your screen germ-free all day long too! Find out below just why we think our cases could be prefect for you, and at the end of the article we cover the do's and don'ts of screen cleaning as per Apple!  Are you happy with a dirty screen on your iPhone, and worse smudges...


iPhone X/Xs Case - Review of our iPhone case by Sadia at Xalirate will make you love a sleeve case. July 30 2018, 1 Comment

A short while ago we saw via our social channels that a good friend Xalirate had decided to take her silicon leather case off of her iPhone X and go case-less. In our infinite wisdom, we messaged Xalirate to see if one of our iPhone X cases would be of use to her and her newfound love of a case-less iPhone X, as you can see below the response we...


Can your phone kill you? April 09 2018, 0 Comments

Can your phone kill you?Our iPhone and iPad Cases stop these little mites from living on your screen and popping into your mouth, eyes or ears to make you ill. Harmful bacteria, viruses, superbugs can live on your iPhone or iPad for days.   NueVue’s leather ranges come with a 5 year warranty with a huge range of colours and even an animal friendly Vegan Faux leather range approved by...


Dragon killing iPhone and iPad Cases April 08 2018, 0 Comments

We don’t actually kill dragons but I came across this photo earlier today and thought the “George and The Dragon” story would be a great way of describing some of the science behind our patented case technology with you. Bacteria is negatively charged and our antibacterial Biocote additive, which is infuse into every fiber of the lining of our cases is like a positively charged chemical sword. So the anology...


How to protect your iPhone 8 or iPhone X from damage. Choose a Sleeve, Snap-on or Flip Case? November 28 2017, 0 Comments

  Loving the new iPhone X, so we created a few new colors in our case range, checkout in store the new iPhone X cases to clean and protect your precious iPhone X, front and back.....   How to protect your iPhone 8 or iPhone X from damage. Choose a Sleeve, Snap-on or Flip Case? Because I’m a clumsy sort of person, you would expect me to favor the bumper...