Dragon killing iPhone and iPad Cases April 08 2018, 0 Comments

NueVue St George and Dragon Blog

We don’t actually kill dragons but I came across this photo earlier today and thought the “George and The Dragon” story would be a great way of describing some of the science behind our patented case technology with you.

Bacteria is negatively charged and our antibacterial Biocote additive, which is infuse into every fiber of the lining of our cases is like a positively charged chemical sword.

So the anology is If you picture the dragon as negatively charged bacteria and St. George’s Lance as our positively charged iPhone case lining you’ll get the picture how the bacteria is drawn to our lance where the bacteria wall is pierced and killed.

Thus keeping you safe from harmful bacteria, viruses, influenza, superbugs which can live on your iPhone or iPad for days and make you ill. Oh, and naturally dragons, too!

At NueVue we love fairytales, science and being our customers knight in shining armour.

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