Your iPhone is filthy!! February 15 2021, 0 Comments

Did you know that greasy dirty screens cause eye strain and headaches.

Normally, we blink 15-20 times a minute. This spreads tears evenly over the eyes, and stops them getting dry and irritated. But researchers have found that when screens are greasy and create glare that people blink less than half the number of times.

And whilst this is unlikely to cause long term eye damage having dry sore eyes and headaches isn’t much fun if you can avoid it.

Cleaning the screen by wiping it on your shirt or pants is pretty gross, not very hygienic, and can damage the screen.

So if you hate dirty screens, suffer tired eyes and headaches then maybe you’ll want to check out our range of iPhone and iPad cases.

Every one has our unique patented lining made up of over 7 million individual cleaning fibres and say good bye to sore eyes and headaches.

PS. We also hate bacteria, germs and viruses.

So we infuse our case linings with an antimicrobial formula that destroys these nasty little pathogens too!!!