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The simple question we ask that is the foundation of the NueVue Cases brand February 07 2021, 0 Comments

I’d shout for my dad and call him out and say I was finished. He’d come out and say “Son, are you proud of your work?” I’d always send him away and call him back sometime later and he’d ask the same question. This time I’d answer “Yes, please can I have my pocket money?”. It’s a lesson I’ve never forgotten. So when we we’re creating our NueVue Cases for...


Dragon killing iPhone and iPad Cases April 08 2018, 0 Comments

We don’t actually kill dragons but I came across this photo earlier today and thought the “George and The Dragon” story would be a great way of describing some of the science behind our patented case technology with you. Bacteria is negatively charged and our antibacterial Biocote additive, which is infuse into every fiber of the lining of our cases is like a positively charged chemical sword. So the anology...


Germ study points finger at women April 08 2018, 0 Comments

Women’s iPhones harbour more Harmful Bacteria than Men’s. A study by scientist at the University of Oregon reported after analysing the bacteria found on a number of Men’s v Women’s phones. NueVue’s iPad and iPhone cases have your all your devices covered against nasty little microbes and start destroying the structural wall of harmful bacteria, viruses, influenza and superbugs that are are carried from your hands to you iPhone...