Today's Friday and over a coffee was think about our Wallet iPhone cases July 15 2016, 1 Comment


As I said its Friday, I'm out of the office and killing time over a coffee. I was thinking about BBQ summer weekend and up pops a thought about why we made the Wallet design cases the way we did.

Being NueVue we didn't just put a wallet card slot on our case and said "hey presto!". The design concept was created by our NueVue creator and owner Derek. Well Derek spends a awful lot of time travelling so when he's away, when he goes out he didn't want to take his phone and wallet and everything with him. He needs to carry ID or drivers license, a card or two and some cash and of course his phone, and leave everything else safely in the hotel or wherever.

After producing painstakingly making designs, drawings and prototypes we think that Derek came up with the prefect "travellers", "beach boy" or "fun loving partying" solution.

The key differences between our design and almost everyone else's was to mount the wallet sideways, this allowed our design to take more than the 2 cards that others usually limit you too, much easier access to getting cards, cash and ID in and out of the wallet pocket. Because we employ world class leather workers we had the confidence to add the wallet to the back of the case, which we needed to do to carry everything that most people need to carry when either aboard or on a daily basis, to remove totally the need to carry a seperate wallet at all. 


 Many of our customers agree that we have created the perfect solution for them, allowing their case to carry whatever they need in their lives too :- credit cards, ID, drivers licence, security access cards and some cash too.

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