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NueVue Canvas iPad Mini Case

If you asked me to name someone who hates chocolate, I couldn't do it, but I could say for certain that my iPad must hate the stuff with a passion.. along with every other food that comes into contact with my fingers.  Thankfully, that's where NueVue step in with their self-cleaning gadget cases!  It was only when the company got in contact that I thought to check the screen of my iPad Mini, so I removed it from its current case and stared long and hard at it until I felt sufficiently guilty - there were smudges, so many smudges. 
NueVue Purple iPad mini case with safety locking ejection strap

Not only does the NueVue Canvas iPad Mini Case do the hard work for you by cleaning itself (read on to discover the science behind that), it also does everyone a favour by looking nice as well.  This canvas version is available in Aqua Green, Coral Pink and Light Purple and as you can tell from the photos, I opted for the latter - with Spring being pretty much upon us, I figured it was time for a soft injection of colour!

I'm really pleased with the colour I chose, particularly as I have been using a deep red Michael Kors iPad Mini case for the past few months through wind, rain and snow, and so it's difficult not to relate that case to winter!  The exposed stitching on the high-quality NueVue canvas is a really nice, unusual touch to the design and the leather snap-fastener goes a long way in reassuring me my iPad isn't about to fly across the room next time I'm in a hurry.

The Canvas iPad Mini Case c/o features BioCote which 'provides continuous antimicrobial protection for the life of the case' by actively reducing levels of microbes on the tablet's surface - those very same microbes that can potentially alter the appearance of devices (eg. stain/degrade).  Needless to say, the case is designed to clean finger smears, not grease and grime from external sources.. but I can't say I've ever thrown dirt and ketchup on my tablet before now, so we should be okay.  Oh and NueVue also include a wipe with their cases so that devices can be brought back to shiny-life before being slid into their new shock resistant, anti-bacterial and anti-static case!  All in all, I'm really pleased - and not just because it means I can continue eating chocolate and using my iPad simultaneously.

With love,

Gabrielle x
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