My dream to make iPhone and iPad cases May 02 2016, 0 Comments





I love Apple products, but I just couldn't stand having a dirty screen, it looks bad!!

One day two years ago I was in the London Oxford Street Apple Store and was watched the Apple guys going around cleaning the iPads and iPhones with large cloths to show the true potential of the retina displays and suddenly had my eurika moment and thought nobody wants to go around carrying a big cloth to clean their screens cleans and greasy fingerprint free.

So I asked myself  asked two simple questions, “Why is it such a hassle to maintain a clean iPhone screen? Why couldn’t a case do more than just hold the device — like clean and protect it?”

Since I couldn’t find a product on the market that could do that, I decided to create one myself. After extensive research, I discovered a unique blend of microfibers that would not only clean the screen but kill germs as well. Then me and my team conducted thorough testing to ensure the highest standards of quality and anti-microbial protection. The result: a line of cases with a clear advantage.

I created my range of iPhone and iPad cases and designs to enhance the devices. I have a big respect for the Apple products. They are beautiful, and should remain beautiful. One of the driving forces has been just wanting to share my invention with other enthusiastic Apple users. l'd always thought Apple made their products to be used as nature intended - naked, so my case protects the device when it's not being used, and then when you do want to use it, you slide it out of the case with a clean screen. Killing the bacteria is just an extra:). When you use the cases our pouch sleeve designs protect your devices from the every day knocks and bangs of throwing your phone in your handbag, or putting it in your pocket with coins and keys, just to stop life chipping away at your screen.

For the busy-bees out there, we also have a case with a viewing window, to allow instant access to your texts and notifications.

To get the correct microfiber lining, which is stitched into the case, to clean the screen efficiently, was a very time consuming business and I found it impossible to find any European microfiber manufacturers and to find correct blend of microfiber to give me the single slide cleaning action I needed. I was bemoaning this fact to a friend of mine and he said that he had a friend of his in China who was the worlds largest manufacturer of wooden toys and garment labelling and he was sure that he could help. So on his next trip to China he invited me along to meet his friend Johnny. An invitation to visit and a visa from the Chinese consulate followed and my first trip to China was underway. Even though I'd never been involved in manufacturing I didn't think finding a cleaning microfiber would be difficult. Little did I know, so I set off to the sunglasses and camera lens manufacturing region, where naturally most of the microfiber manufacturers "live" too along with Franke, from Johnny's sourcing team who had setup appointments and to Ho,d my hand and translate too. The result wasn't very good as all of the microfiber material we saw wouldn't cleaning the why I needed. Microfiber cloth is like making a cake being made up of a blend of microfiber each less than 1/100th of the diameter of a human hair, and involves a recipe of fibres of different lengths, softness and more. So the process started of testing 100's of microfiber blends over many months to arrive at our unique blend. Apple alway tell their customers not to use any chemicals on their screen, to avoid damaging the oleophobic coating. So It wasn't just a case of using any old cloth. In parallel with developing the right blend of cleaning fibres I also want to be able to destroy any harmful bacteria that can cause stomach upsets, sore throats, jawline spots and blemishes or worse so we teamed up with Biocote, the antimicrobial experts, to give an added bonus to our cases. The Biocote is infused into the microfiber before it is stitched into the case. The germ killing properties of the Biocote lasts the life time of the case, even if you wash it and starts destroying germs in seconds.

(NueVue's unique screen cleaning and antimicrobial lining blended microfibers)

 Eventually after more than a year of intense work, testing, prototyping and six visits to China to find all the material I wanted, a leather manufacturing who imported American leather and would make our leathers to the highest Eco-friendly standards, and a world class manufacturer who could handmake our invidual 10 piece cases.

By the way we have registers patents for our invention of cases that uniquely clean the screen whilst eliminating 99.9% of microbes.

Not only do our cases protect your devices, but they protect you too! And we're proud that one of the most renowned technical journalist quoted "the missing case for iPhones is born"!