Your phones are filthy! How to keep your Smartphone germ free.... August 21 2018, 0 Comments

Your phones are filthy!

Many people are so attached to their smartphones that their hands always carry it. It is like an extended part of their body. People hold their work while commuting. People hold their phone at work or school and last but not the least some people hold it while at sleep. Many people came inseparable with their smartphones. It use to be an option luxury but now it became a full pledged necessity people can't live without. Men, women and children of all ages are very attached to their phone without knowing the invisible harmful creatures it provides.

Most people are disgusted with toilet seats because the urine and fecal matter it always encounter on the regular but your beloved smart phones are dirtier than those toilet seats because toilet seats are actually cleaned regularly with bleach and other commercial cleaners that kills germs. Phones on the other hand rarely experience some cleaning.

Your trusty gadgets are ten times more contaminated than the toilet seat on your house that you regularly clean. Just imagine all the things your hands touched without washing. Just imagine all the infection that comes with the air. I remember years ago there was a scientific study that confirmed the seventeen thousand different kinds of bacterial dna found on a regular college student's owned phone.

Some of the most common solution to cleaning your phone is disinfecting it twice. First with a wet towel with vinegar, then with a wet towel with seventy percent isopropyl alcohol. Don't make it too wet because the liquid may harm the circuits of your phone. Just make the towel moist with the disinfectant of your choice.

Nue Vue phone cases are antimicrobial phone cases. These phone cases have the ability to disinfect your phone as long as it is wearing it.

They come in different colors that may cater to your taste and preference. It is made with a material that is very anti-microbial. Most Nue Vue cases are designed for Iphone and Ipad but they recently made ones for Android device users.

Another great innovation is Phonesoap.
Phonesoap is a phone charger that not only charges your phone but kills the germs on it with black light! This product is better than wiping with a wet towel since no liquid is involved and it is a dual purpose gadget as it charges and dissindectates your phone at the same time. Phonesoap have 2 available designs. One is the single charge cases that looks like a coffin for your phone and once is the Vault where multiple phones and tablets can be charged and be disinfected to get rid of the microbes.

If you don't have the budget to buy Nue Vue and Phonesoap, Just wash your hands with soap and water after using your phone. Especially if you will use your phone to handle your food. Many people touches their food after holding their phone which is very unhygienic. Wash your hands before you eat.
You do not want germs inside your body so after using your phone wash those filthy hand of yours.

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