Want the best iPad case? Read this review from Jeremy-the-Critic at ios etc April 11 2019, 0 Comments

Now we all know that the Apple iPad is a very special thing, so why not look after it with the best iPad case - keep your iPad clean and protected in a very special case, made to sanitize your iPad and remove the prints and smudges from the iPad screen, reducing eyestrain and headaches, and protecting you and your loved ones from harmful bacteria.

Now Winter is Coming, there is even more reason to protect you and your family from cold and flu germs and tummy bugs, especially if you share your iPad with this rest of the family.

We sent a case to Jeremy-the-Critic at ios etc. to see what he thought, and well he loved it.  Read his blog review below and see for yourself what a great product we have.


iPad cases are available in faux vegan approved leather and cotton twill with leather strap, the interior is an antimicrobial microfiber lining, infused with BioCote technology which kills bacteria, and lasts the lifetime of the product.


iPad cases beautifully designed to keep your iPad safe whilst you're on the go.

NueVue iPad cases are available for all iPad models and Samsung Galaxy Tab models. Visit us at NueVue.com.

 Now available, iPad mini 5 cases