NueVue Cases created for Naked iPhone & iPad Users June 30 2016, 0 Comments


We at NueVue love to use our iPhones and iPads naked. We love to use them in the natural beautiful way, unencumbered by a baulky snap-on or flip style of case. But we are acutely aware that we need to protect our phone or pad against knock, bangs, dings let alone the occasion drop that happen in every day life. Keys, coins and other items in our pockets or bags can damage our precious device and any little graze or mark stands out like "a sore thumb" that we would look at or feel every time we used our phone or pad. 

We believe that we have designed the best solution for users who think the same way. Our snug pouch/sleeve designs with their fast ejection slot lets you pop the phone out in a nano second, much quicker than a flip and gives all round protection that a snap-on case never does. 

So pop it out in all its beauty to use your iPhone or iPad and slide it back in for the protection we know we need for carrying around.

NueVue's award winning cases don't just hold the device snug - that would be too easy for the best iPhone and iPad maker on the planet our cases have a unique patented microfiber lining that lifts and cleans away eye-straining fingermarks and destroys harmful bacteria in seconds.