How are phones causing face acne? April 05 2016, 0 Comments

Due to our phones always being abused and forgotten about when we leave them places, they tend to pick up a lot of harmful bacteria which is now causing not only teens and children but also adults to develop face acne.

Most teenagers are saying its just their hormones, which in some cases it is, but chances are it is probably your phone. Research had proven that if we are on the phone for a long period of time we are more likely to develop a 'crop of zits' on and around our chin unless we wash our face afterwards. 

This is happening as as we are pressing our phone to our phone our skin is heating up which cause perspiration, and the blocking of our pores. With all this going on there is no where for the bacteria to go but down into our faces and under our skin causing these ugly looking zits and irritated skin. There are a few ways to stop this or at least reduce this and that is to clean your phone regularly, wash your face after a long phone call and if you are regularly on the phone headphones will certainly be the best option for you unless you have a lot of phone cleaning products or a NueVue phones case. 

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