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Vegan iPhone, iPad and Samsung Smartphone and Tablet Cases

About Our Vegan Approved Cases

The Inspiration

Some ideas just sneak up on you, like being committed to not using leather or any other animal-based material in some of our designs. In our case it was through my wife, Liz’s love of animals. And whilst we’re still a bunch of gadget freaks that hate a dirty screen, and being not too “in love” with the idea of nasty little microbes crawling all over our devices and screen, we wanted to create a range of products that were sustainable, eco-friendly and respected both animal welfare and the planet.

Various vegan leathers, cotton twill and canvas materials are used in our Vegan case production. We insist on using PU (polyurethane) and not PVC (polyvinyl-chloride) for our vegan leather cases, because PU is far less harmful to the environment. Our canvas and cotton cases are made from natural materials so are sustainable, eco-friendly and easily degradable materials.

We’re passionate about going the extra mile, and are the only cases manufacturer to have their Vegan products approved and certification for Vegans, by both PETA and The Vegetarian Society.

We encourage our team to volunteer as much as possible, with animal welfare causes, usually badger support groups, saving foxes, food fairs, and almost every week we’re treated to some sort of vegan tasty cake or savory treat.

Cases that Clean the Screen and Destroy Harmful Bacteria Whilst Protecting your Device

Of course, every case we manufacture has at its core our unique lining, that’s made up of a blend of microfibers each less than 1/100th diameter of a human hair, which lifts the grease and dirt that cause glare and eyestrain from the screen, as the device slides in and out of the case.

We infuse the lining with an antibacterial additive supplied by our partner BioCote, the world’s leading supplier of antibacterial technology, to keep you safe from harmful bacteria and viruses that cause tummy cramps, diarrhea, sore throats, eye infections and influenza, that can live on your device for days and make you seriously ill.

The additive starts working immediately the lining touches the device, and is certified to eliminate 99.9% of all microbes. There’s no need to worry about the additive working less effectively, it works at full strength for the life of the case. In very simple terms, it’s effective by damaging the microbes cell wall (membrane) and once a microbe’s cell wall is pierced it cannot reproduce; it withers and dies.

Just pure 100% protection every minute of the day, forever!

Product Features

Our Unique Lining

  • Our cases contains an innovative microfiber lining that keeps your iPhone or iPad snug, whilst also eliminating bacteria from your device in seconds.
  • No need for wipes - the lining also wipes away unsightly marks that can cause eyestrain, fatigue, and headaches with every swipe.
  • Eliminating bacteria from the device surface helps to prevent the spread of illness, blemish-causing dirt and scratches on your screen.
  • An anti-static effect within the microfibre also averts electrical charges that can cause damage to your iPhone without you knowing.

NueVue unique screen cleaning and antibacterial lining


Antimicrobial Protection with Nuevue cases

NueVue Case Before After 

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